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Utilizing software to comprehend biological data

For all living organisms, DNA is the code of life, it is made from about 3 billion nucleobases; adenine (A), thymine (T), guanine (G), and cytosine (C), and the combination of these nucleobases makes up the genome.
Tasnim Nour
May 10, 2022

The Future is Here! What is Soft Robotics?

As science and technology help each other advance, we can notice that the study of living organisms, sheds light on principles that are fruitfully adopted to develop additional robot abilities and to facilitate more efficient accomplishment of tasks, such as the principles applied to soft robotics.
Manar Mahmoud
April 25, 2022

Regular Education vs Self-Learning: Friends or Foes?

A friend of mine, let us call him Emad, graduated as a Mechanical Engineer. Shortly after graduation, he decided that he has no interest in his field of study and instead, began a self-learning journey.
Yazan Alnajjar
April 4, 2022

Precision Medicine: A New Era of Healthcare

In the early 2000’s the human genome project was discovered, which opened the eyes of scientists to a new era of medical practice, which is precision medicine. A ‘’one-size-fits-all’’ approach which was dominant is successful...
Tasnim Nour
March 25, 2022

My Story with Phi: How did I start working on real scientific research?

I will start this post with a small confession: If it weren't for Phi Science, I would be a regular college graduate, seeing the world and science from a narrow, mono-perspective.
Bana Abdallah
March 25, 2022

The Future of Education: Has Online Education Replaced Regular Education?

Access to information has never been easier, too easy to the point where critics are demanding more effort be done...
Yazan Alnajjar
January 5, 2022