Phi's Research and Innovation Summit 2019: Fostering Scientific Excellence in the Arab World



Owned by Phi Science in partnership with the Royal Scientific Society, the Embassy of the Netherlands in Jordan, European Union in Jordan, among other private and governmental entities.


The Phi's Research and Innovation Summit (PRIS) 2019 was a groundbreaking event that congregated around 2000 individuals, mainly Arab youth, with the common goal of advancing and enabling scientific research in the Arab world. The summit was built under the theme “Connect for Science”, fostering an environment for creating research networks and developing new partnerships beyond traditional research disciplines.


Organized by Phi Science, PRIS 2019 was held at the prestigious King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre in Dead Sea, Jordan. The summit drew the participation of 67 speakers from around the world, including internationally recognized figures like Jane Goodall.

The summit aimed to bridge the gap between young researchers, scientists, and investors, encouraging the translation of innovative work into successful business models. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in hands-on workshops and attend special research sessions delivered by leading scientists. The event was marked by the notable presence of Her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya al Hasan.


The primary challenge addressed by PRIS 2019 was the need to strengthen scientific research within the Arab region. It aimed to bring diverse stakeholders together, facilitate collaboration, and foster a scientific curiosity and innovation culture.


To address these challenges, PRIS 2019 provided a platform where participants could connect with global scientists, innovators, and industry experts. Through various scientific sessions, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities, the summit enabled young researchers to broaden their perspectives, enhance their skills, and connect with potential investors.


PRIS 2019 was a milestone event that gathered around 2000 participants and brought 67 renowned speakers under one roof. The attendees, imbued with newfound knowledge and connections, were better equipped to navigate their scientific careers and contribute effectively to the Arab world's scientific landscape. The summit's success signified a promising step towards the advancement of scientific research and innovation in the region.

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