Tailored Power BI Program



Zain Jordan


Phi Science designed and delivered a custom Power BI training program for Zain Jordan employees across various departments, including finance, engineering, consumer business, technology, and digital innovation. The program combined instructional sessions and hands-on practice to teach participants essential data analysis and visualization skills, empowering them to make data-driven decisions and identify growth opportunities. The tailored training not only fostered a data-driven culture within the organization but also enhanced cross-functional collaboration, ultimately driving innovation and growth for Zain Jordan.


The Power BI training program developed by Phi Science for Zain Jordan employees was a comprehensive course tailored to address the unique needs of professionals from diverse departments such as finance, engineering, consumer business, and technology and digital innovation. With a focus on department-specific use cases and challenges, the program's curriculum covered various aspects of Power BI, from data import and transformation to data modeling, visualizations, and dashboard creation. The combination of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises created an engaging learning experience, allowing participants to develop a well-rounded understanding of the software and its capabilities.

The training program encouraged collaboration among participants from different departments, fostering cross-functional communication and teamwork. This not only enriched the learning experience but also helped break down silos within the organization. As a culmination of the program, 10 final hands-on projects showcased the participants' ability to analyze data and create interactive dashboards using Power BI, demonstrating the potential impact of data-driven decision-making on Zain Jordan's operations and growth. The Power BI training initiative provided by Phi Science effectively equipped employees with essential knowledge and skills, contributing to the organization's success and innovation.


The Power BI training program aimed to address real-world challenges faced by Zain Jordan staff, such as disparate data sources, inefficient data analysis, and ineffective communication across departments. The program sought to streamline data-driven decision-making, improve cross-functional collaboration, and identify growth opportunities by equipping employees with the skills to analyze and visualize data using Power BI. The training facilitated a data-driven culture within the organization, ultimately leading to better-informed decisions, enhanced operations, and increased innovation.


The Power BI training program offered by Phi Science provided real-world solutions to Zain Jordan's challenges. The program enabled employees to efficiently analyze and interpret data from various sources using Power BI, leading to more effective decision-making and streamlined data analysis.

Moreover, the training fostered communication and teamwork among participants from different departments, breaking down silos and improving collaboration throughout the organization. This enhanced cross-functional collaboration proved to be invaluable in promoting a more cohesive work environment.

Equipping employees with essential data analysis and visualization skills empowered them to identify and capitalize on growth opportunities based on data insights, driving innovation and progress. To ensure the highest quality of training, Phi Science provided an expert trainer from P&G Germany to deliver the program, adding unique value and an international perspective to the learning experience. By addressing these challenges through tailored training, the Power BI program contributed to the organization's success and innovation, enabling Zain Jordan to make better-informed decisions and enhance its operations.

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