The Arab AI Summit 2021: Spearheading a Future of AI in the Arab Region



Owned by Phi Science in partnership with Beyond Limits, Royal Society, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, IBM, and many other private and governmental entities.


The Arab AI Summit 2021, organized by Phi Science, served as a prominent gathering for AI professionals, scientists, engineers, and students. Over 3000 attendees from 16 countries in the Arab world participated in this global yet regionally focused event, making it a hub for AI thought leaders and enthusiasts.


Initially intended to be an in-person event, the Summit swiftly adapted to the constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, transitioning successfully into a virtual format. This two-day event, held in partnership with distinguished entities such as Beyond Limits, Royal Society, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, and IBM, attracted attendees from across the Arab world and beyond.

The Summit provided a robust platform where participants could showcase their work, establish collaborations, and exchange knowledge about AI's future in the region. It included over 100 sessions delivered by a host of eminent speakers, with keynote addresses given by global AI leaders from prestigious organizations such as NASA and QCRI.


Planning an event of this scale comes with significant challenges exacerbated by the global COVID-19 pandemic. The original plan for an in-person summit had to be promptly revised to ensure the safety of all participants. The key challenge was the transition to a virtual format while maintaining the event's impact and reach.


Despite the pandemic-related hurdles, the Summit successfully transitioned to a virtual platform, ensuring the safety of attendees and speakers. This shift also allowed for a wider reach, attracting a global audience. The collaborative efforts of various private and governmental entities enabled the seamless execution of the Summit, further underlining the collective commitment to fostering AI innovation in the Arab region.


The Arab AI Summit 2021 was a significant success, with over 3000 attendees participating from 16 Arab countries. Over 100 sessions, including keynotes from global AI leaders, facilitated meaningful dialogue and learning about AI's future in the region. The Summit marked a significant step forward in fostering AI research, innovation, and collaboration in the Arab world, establishing a solid foundation for future initiatives in this dynamic field.

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